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Interaction design

Co-design workshops

Creative Facilitation workshops

Rapid Prototyping

UI/UX Design

Stakeholder Management



As a design professional, I am experienced in gathering and communicating specialist knowledge from the humanities and behavioural sciences, and translating this knowledge into design parameters. I am comfortable analysing product use and its various contexts and communicating the findings to others involved in the design process. I have the ability to conceptualize new products or services.

I have the necessary skills to gather and integrate the knowledge of new technologies (e.g. materials, sensors, etc.) into design opportunities. I am proficient at developing prototypes of experiential quality and testing these with users. I am able to independently set up and conduct research projects, present and report design concepts and research findings in a professional manner, and answer research questions by designing products/prototypes. I am sure I can contribute effectively to design teams.

As a DFI graduate, I specialised in analysing, conceptualising and designing human–product interactions in relation to the physical, cultural, technological and societal contexts in which the product is used. I am driven to make technology relevant to people, and to provide a people-centred impetus for the further development of technology. I have learned that the nature of interaction results from an interplay between a product’s properties and behaviour, and human abilities and concerns.