Butterfly, the campaign to find your solemate

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Maybe you recognise it but I have a bag full of shoes that I never wear hidden somewhere in the back of my closet. ‘Maybe I’ll wear it once more’ or ‘Yeah but… they are still pretty…’ are some phrases you tell yourself a lot in this case. But then you are moving or cleaning on a rainy Sunday and you want to get rid of them, what then? Unfortunately, many people do not know what to do with their used shoes. People see their shoes as ‘outworn’ pretty quickly and then throw them into the trash, ending up in the landfill. Most shoes can be repurposed and therefore should be repurposed!

Thinking & brainstorming

The first step was analysis through conducting desk research & (expert) interviews. Secondly, rapid experimenting and prototyping were done based on the initial ideas and set wishes and requirements. Thirdly, the prototypes were validated with the target user. Another iteration was being made. And voila (in a 6 months span), just like that, the campaign came to be. 


A campaign targeted at 18-26 year old Dutch sneaker lovers.  The campaign starts with advertisements, such as stickers and posters nudging to download the Butterfly app. The app allows users to be sell or donate their pre-loved sneakers, or buy from others. The app works with a matching system, creating a fun, accessible & interactive platform, targeting a very specific and often overlooked segment.